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Feng Shui and the colorscheme

After a long wait, we finally moved to our new office in Eindhoven (Gebouw Twinning, De Zaale 11)! Next to a new location, we also started with five new employees. We will introduce them to you over the upcoming weeks, but for now we will focus on the new...

A new phase in the new office

Last week the moment was finally there; we signed our new lease at Twice and received the keys to our new office. This means that we are now housed in Eindhoven, at the Twinning building on the terrain of the University of Technology Eindhoven. But what does this...


As entrepeneur, you need to take steps. Steps into the direction you want to go and steps towards the goals you want to reach. With the Business Model Canvas as our compass, VANL will start walking the following route. New employees Over the past year, our job...

A new software programmer?

Past June, I was told to have passed my thesis successfully and suddenly the question 'What's next?' became the standard conversation starter. At that point I was working on getting practical experience for over 2 years, but what would be my plan? - I had no idea. Now...

From T3 to T4: Usability and User Experience

 Now that the next release of TMWalker4 is getting closer, we would like to take you back to one of the first phases of its development. Throughout the year 2015, 20 TMWalker3 users were interviewed about their wishes, complaints and other findings of the...

Phase 1: Context of Public Transport

This blog is a follow-up on 'TMWalker4 in Public Transport'. Concepts only get their meaning through the context in which they are used. Take the concept 'share'. Do you read it as a verb or as a noun? To prevent confusion it is important to add the right context to...

Consistent Business Rules

 Constant changes People often assume that if company goals do not change, their processes do not change either. Nothing is less true, seeing as the world the company functions in is always moving. For example, let us take a look at saving. Yesterday, I had to...

TMWalker4 release

In the October release of TMWalker4 (release date 28 October 2018), you will be able to see the Architect for the first time. After we pulled back a bèta-version, as it was not yet user-friendly enough, we now succeeded to create simplicity in the scientific. A wizard...

All our knowledge originates from emotion

 Eight years ago, I was driving my daughter towards the hockey club, as she wanted to start playing hockey. Hockey - a sport for which I had never felt a thing, and actually despised. But you cross borders for your daughters, you put away your feelings. The ball...

Des Rijks Schoonheyd

On a sunny, March-y Sunday I was in need of some cultural enlightenment. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam was on my bucket list ever since it reopened. I had been there as a child and was now curious about what it had to offer. Of course, I wanted to see the biggest...

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