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Feng Shui and the colorscheme

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After a long wait, we finally moved to our new office in Eindhoven (Gebouw Twinning, De Zaale 11)! Next to a new location, we also started with five new employees. We will introduce them to you over the upcoming weeks, but for now we will focus on the new officespace. 

As you might have already read in the previous mailing, our office is situation on the terrain of the University of Technology Eindhoven and we partnered with TWICE. In this blog we will tell you all about the philosophy behind the interior.


The lay-out

Before we started moving furniture, we created a plan of action. Step 1? Lay in a new floor. As the space was delivered unfurnished, we started with putting in some laminate flooring. We repainted the heaters so they would fit with the freshly painted walls and this was the finishing step in creating a good basis to build on.

The image below shows the space’s lay-out schematically; two working ‘islands’, a cabinet to divide the room and a meeting space at the right. It might seem like a simple plan, but there is more logic involved than you might expect.

The colorscheme

After researching colors and their psychological effects, we landed on a rather simply colorscheme: white, black, wood and natural greens, with a splash of bright colors. The scheme’s nutrality makes for a calming and productive environment and the leafy greens stimulate creativity and release extra oxigen. The pops of bright colors also stimulate creativity. These are the effects that we want to secure for the upcoming projects.

After entering through the door (depicted in the down right corner), one will see the meeting corner and the dividing cabinet. This cabinet ‘shields’ the workplaces and meeting corner for some extra privacy. Right next to the meeting corner there are three frames mounted to the wall; each one depicts a current project/story/development.


The workplaces

The area on the left side is divided into two ‘ islands’. This makes for a lay-out in which every employee has it’s own corner in which his/her back is complely shielded from open space. This also makes for more calmness and productivity, according to the rules of feng shui. It also allows every employee to look outside, without having to move from their seat. The desks themselves are standing/sitting desks; as most of our work is done sitting behind a computer, it is important to sometimes be able to stretch your legs.

The amount of windows in this space gives a nice view on the Karpendonkse Plas, but also a real challange when it’s about an office with a lot of screens. Screens aligned with the sunrays reflect this light and are very unpleasant to work with. When deciding on the table’s placement, we made sure that every screen would be perpendicular to the sunrays.

In short: we think we have created the ideal workplace for this space and the projects and developments that we are about to embark on. If you are curious how this all looks in reality or if you would want to meet our new employees, feel free to stop by for some coffee/tea.


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