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VANL is a leading supplier of software solutions in the fields of data analysis and process optimization. Ever since the company was founded in 2005, Public Transport has been our core business; this resulted in a dedicated and specialized team. Nowadays, we have a broader focus and have expanded to manufacturing and fleet management.

We create software that looks appealing, delivers reliable insights, is easy to use and above all: has a strong and solid functionality. The possibilities of our latest program, TMWalker4, are extensive and thorough and will delight even the most technical analyst of your team. 

It runs compareble to a Windows10 environment, with multiple apps based on company rules functioning within. We can easily adjust the software to your company. The data and analyses are available via your own servers or, per request, via the infrastructure of VANL. 


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What we offer

What we offer

If you were to start a project with us as a new partner, we will bring a couple of special things to the table. Through our specializations in both Public Transport, Fleet Management and Manufacturing we can offer complete database sets for all three areas. These databases are normalized and adjustable to your company rules. Additionally, we upload the real-time (24/7) and historical data of Public Transport in The Netherlands. 

Following, we will take a look at your company together based on these databases; how are the internal projects structured, where are the improvement opportunities, which data could be insightful and which benefits can we gain? Together we analyse the data, we follow, stimulate, optimize and maintain your company processes. This is how we create personalized, flexible solutions. Want to know more about our software? Take a look at our project page.

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