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Tender Management

Tender Management

For Public Transport concessions, we offer a specific package: specialized tender software – the TenderWalker. This software is built with a great focus on bigger teams working together and that have to follow strict deadlines. 

Next to extensive analysis possibilities, like testing a new timetable and calculating punctuality, driving times, connections and homogeneous periods, it is also possible to use TenderWalker for marketing related goals. One could think about analyzing profit and passenger kilometers for product portfolios. All analyses are executed based on public data (realised rides in region) that VANL delivers, OVChip transactions, vehicle information and your own data, such as a concept timetable.

Seeing as it is very important to have a quick overview during concessions, one can generate an audit overview. This is a summary of multiple adjustable aspects of a (group of) line(s). Examples would be; stop service, service window, driving times, punctuality and the differences between the real and conceptual timetable. The overview allows for quick insight into the realiability and risks of your offer.

TenderWalker  also offers functionalities that focus more on process than content. Analysis and version management is implemented, adjustable dashboards for management teams available, and one can send analyses and/or messages to coworkers within the software itself. 

Test and analyse concept timetables

Calculate punctuality, driving times, connections and homogeneous periods

Develop marketing products

Generate clear audit overviews

Simple and clear communication

Dashboard overviews for management

Insight into the risks and reliability of your offer

Receive the realised rides in the area you're analysing from us

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