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Public Transport

Public Transport

TMWalker4 offers a complete package of specialized analyses and software for Public Transport. For example, it is possible for management teams to easily gain insight into KPIs regarding a concession, to see the financial penalty risk regarding the bonus/malus regulation and to see what influences the profit. Additionally, they can create a personalized dashboard with relevant results from executed analyses.

Transport experts can use our tool for testing and analysing (e.g. punctuality, outage, realised connections and driving times) timetables, executing passenger counts and check how the KAR-points and vehicle control is performing. They can request all context information per ride, find out where counting-vehicles would be of best use and see where and why the GP(R)S coverage is (mal)functioning within a glance. At the end of an operating day they can easily account for exclusions and exemptions, and visually play back the day and its context, on a map.

We are continuously developing and implementing new functions, extra applications or tailored analyses for one of our clients. For more information about the software or our different subscriptions, please fill out the contact form below. We would love to help you browse all possibilities. 

Test and analyse timetables and easily share the results

See how KAR-points perform

Visual playback per operating day

Execute passenger counts

Extensive context information available

Management KPI Dashboards

Insight into where counting vehicles would be of best use

See how and why the GP(R)S coverage is performing

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