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The FlowBuilder-app is a graphic environment that allows you to define and execute automatic processes.
FlowBuilder app
FlowBuilder app screenshot

Workflows are essentially about organising work. A workflow is a set of activities that show who has to do what and in which order. These activities can be automatic and manual, so a workflow coordinates people and software.

The way in which work is organized is what defines and separates a business from their competition. A different way of organising can lead to lower exploitation costs, more flexibility or even a better end product. The ‘work process’ is thus of great value and needs to be managed well.

A work flow:

  • Is graphically composed in the FlowBuilder app.
  • Uses items and collections defined in the DataBank/DIYA.
  • Can start manually and/or automatically.
  • Can show as a tile on the start screen.
  • Has a TimeLine that shows executions and modifications.
  • Can be connected to the TMWalker service, so that other applications can also interact with the work flow.


There are multiple sorts of activities present in the FlowBuilder app. These can be basic activities such as a decision (IF), a loop (FOR EACH, WHILE), but can for example also consist of adding an item to a collection or sending someone a message within TMWalker.


A TimeLine is made of all activities, when they started and ended and if something irregular happened during the execution. While composing the work flow, one can also add self-defined notifications to the timeline.


An administration can include one or multiple informative illustrations. These illustrations, such as graphs or tables, are available and updated real-time. By pinning an administration to your start tile, the startscreen becomes an interactive dashboard.


Which work processes are being executed right now, and are they still on track? With the tracking functions of the FlowBuilder, one can see which flows are still active and at which activity they are. This is how one can know exactly where and how to act within the organisation in order to (re)activate or improve the work process.

Ready for Process Mining

How do work processes really go? Where are the bottlenecks? The Miner allows you to gain insight into this. The notifications on the work flow-timeline play an important role in this. Start to build your history now.

In short:
The FlowBuilder app organises and monitors your work processes. The workflows direct employees and software in a structured way. By stimulating communication, work processes and information become more reliable. Everything is aimed at helping your company reach Operational Excellence.

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