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The DIYA-app is used for the data input and retrieval of your own applications. Attractive, trustworthy and simple. You can combine collections into an administration yourself: a Do-It-Yourself-Administration!
DIYA app
DIYA app screenshot

Startscreen tile

Starting an administration is done by simply clicking the tile shown on the TMWalker4 startscreen once.


What has happend or will happen to the data? This is what the timeline shows you. Users can comment on this – changes, likes and dislikes are automatically logged and shown in your timeline. The starting tile shows if you have any unread notificaitons.

“This item will be taken out of the collection on October 1st” “NameA was changed into NameB”


An administration can include one or multiple informative illustrations. These illustrations, such as graphs or tables, are available and updated real-time. By pinning an administration to your start tile, the startscreen becomes an interactive dashboard.


Who is the data-owner? Next to commenting on data, one can contact the ‘data-owner’ and send them a direct message within TMWalker4.

“Could you change this or that?” “How do I do this?”


Where is that specific bus stop? If items and/or collections contain geographic information, this is automatically shown on a map.


The DIYA app can be run completely based on business rules. The definition of the used concepts and algorithmes are automatically translated into help information that shows when hovering over a word with your mouse. This guarantees that every employee works in the same manner and is informed about why they work that way.

“An ACCESS ZONE is a ZONE for which the duration to cover any ACCESS LINK to a particular STOP POINT is the same.”


Data changes can only be done if they meet a set of validations. This is how you guarantee that the import of data into your application is/stays trustworthy. You can add validations or they can be implemented based on the business rules.

Ready for workflows

Sometimes you need more – the FlowBuilder allows users to define work flows. These workflows can be initiated or continued in the DIYA app via a mutation in a collection.

“This rapport needs authorisation” “These orders need to be checked.”

Klaar voor Process Mining

How do work processes really go? Where are the bottlenecks? The Minor allows you to extract this information. The events on the DIYA timeline are important in this process. It is possible to start your administration of these events now.

Low cost

The DIYA app prevents expensive licences of specialist-applications. An extra user for TMWalker4 has no costs!

In short:
The DIYA app makes your application attractive and easy to use. By stimulating communication, the processes and information becomes more reliable. Everything is aimed at helping your company reach Operational Excellence.

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