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TMWalker4 is a program for Windows in which smaller apps run tasks. These are all user-friendly and everything runs in a trustworthy database that follows business rules. The user is thus ‘seduced’ to work according to these rules. 
Multiple apps will be released this year. Currently, the DIYA, the Explorer, the Architect and the FlowBuilder are available.

An attractive shell for your business applications

The tasks of your business applications can be easily executed in TMWalker4. This way the users are not worn out by unnecessary complexity, already set standards or mutations that need to be applied to multiple systems. Additionally, TMWalker4 does not have run-time licencies. It can be extended to everybody in the organisation without additional costs, after purchase.

Low-threshold usage

TMWalker4 does not require any additional training for new users. The simple startscreen with tiles functions as a personal dashboard – the information on the tiles is actualized and shown real-time.

Stay in contact

Within TMWalker4, it is always clear who to contact about a certain screen, a specific process or data. TMWalker4 enables for the communication to go through direct messages.

Data timeline

To further improve communication about data, the data has been given a timeline in TMWalker4. This logs user remarks, mutations or likes manually or automatically.

Business rules

Business policy, terminology, calculation rules and performance standards are all determined in the business rules within TMWalker4. These rules are automatically used for calculations, help information, validation and conformance checking.

Conformance checking

By pushing one button one can check the extent to which the company operates according to the business rules – which can be useful for ISO-certified companies. TMWalker4 ensures the logging of the needed events and shows how the process actually runs schematically, including the bottlenecks.

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