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A big or a small world?

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Geen categorie | 0 comments

You live with the people around you. Family, friends, acquaintances and business relations. They determine in a large quantity the quality of your life. You meet them, you can touch them, you cry or laugh with them.

In the powerful and much bigger numbers world, you don’t want to meet the person it’s about. This would be inconvenient. In this world, the laws of mathematics count and there is no space for emotion. Things like profit margin, spending patterns, tax scales, questionnaires and other statistics rule.

There is an even bigger, virtual world, growing and expanding where ‘the other’ does not even exist anymore. Sometimes its even pretended that there is an ‘other’, but if you would unplug it, they would be gone. Next to the TV and gaming industry, that are around a bit longer already, we see augmented reality, social media and cryptocurrencies.

A nice, clear, division of the worlds right?

I try to remember this division whenever a subject arises. “Alright, in which world does this take place?”. Usually, it’s quite simple. Your family, your sick grandmother, a denied loan, Europe, stock exchange, Assassins Creed, fake news, Bitcoin.

It becomes more difficult if a subject transitions from one world into the other. I think you’re able to think of examples yourself. I tend to change my opinion about it, what about you?

Ask yourself a question and keep the division in mind. E.g. In which world does respect belong?




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