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As entrepeneur, you need to take steps. Steps into the direction you want to go and steps towards the goals you want to reach. With the Business Model Canvas as our compass, VANL will start walking the following route.

New employees

Over the past year, our job portfolio grew and our delivery times have risen. It is about time we introduce new employees for our delivery. You can find all vacancies here.


Good employees are difficult to find. This is why we are bringing the mountain to Mozes: our offices will be moved to Eindhoven. This is where our knowledge partners and potential employees reside. We are actively looking for a good space, that is modern, inspiring and bring synergy with other high-tech and supporting companies in the area. As this is always interesting and educational. If we decide on the new spot, we will – of course – let you know as soon as possible.


TMWalker4 is not ‘just another reporting tool’. It starts where other tools end. It starts where other tools end. It follows our very clear philosophy; we want to deliver and distribute trustworthy information in a simple and attractive way.

Coming July, our new developers will start creating the TMWalker4 Miner. This app reproduces above mentioned company processes and visualizes how they are actually run – all automatically and based on big data. The most important research elements are now; how can we show the main process ánd bottlenecks in a simple way?

After this summer, we will also focus on our geo-tour: we want to show results of analysis on a map, connected to create a better visualisation.



The past couple of months, we have received multiple offers to all kinds of partnerships. We are so lucky to live in such interesting times. We will keep you informed about all changes.


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