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TMWalker4 release

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In the October release of TMWalker4 (release date 28 October 2018), you will be able to see the Architect for the first time. After we pulled back a b├Ęta-version, as it was not yet user-friendly enough, we now succeeded to create simplicity in the scientific. A wizard will guide you through making anlyses, helping you with all settings. After clicking the ‘next’ button, you’ll see the output of your analysis, where you can add comments and alter it afterwards. Additionally, you can save the output in your own TMWalker4 folders and share them with fellow users.

The following types of Architect analyses will be available in October:

Public Transport

  • Data availability
    This analysis checks the reliability and availability of data. This always happens at the start of new analyses.
  • Punctuality
    Both punctuality and punctuality deviation from different perspectives: parts of a day, per line, per driver, per stop. This analysis is aimed at organisations that want to monitor and improve their presentations.
  • Driving Times
    This analysis is important during the development of a new timetable and during the research of complaints. It’s a solid analysis of planned and real driving times.
  • Delays
    Delays make for a lower punctuality, but when and where do they arise? This analysis will help you gain insight into this process.


  • Work order timeline
    It is now possible to see which path a work order followed throughout the production process. Which process steps were taking, which machines and people were involved and which products are realised.
  • Case timeline
    In light of tracking & tracing it is important to see where a case with items has been. The analysis shows exactly who, what and where.

Keep track of our updates, we are bound to spill more!



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