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‘Sometimes you’ll find a way of visualising, that is special. Special in it’s simplicity, effectiveness and ease. I am looking for a new way of visualising business data for our users. Not give them a pointless list with numbers, but show what really matters. ’

I sat together with some bright minds studying at the Technical University of Delft in 2014. New software had to be future-focussed, hence me knocking on the door of the younger generation. Together, we brainstormed about the company’s future, new software and innovative applications.

The conclusion? My passion for IT and innovation would results in attractive, reliable and simple software (in Dutch: Aantrekkelijk, Betrouwbaar and Eenvoudig – an acronym of my first name, Abe).

My eldest doughter, nowadays an Msc. Industrial Design, did a research focussed on usability and user experience in 2015. This information, together with the ideas that came out of the brainstorm, inspired me to design and develop TMWalker4.

Where TMWalker3 was mainly applicable in the public transportation sector, TMWalker4 does not have that limitation. It’s new interface is simple and directs the users with ease to the information they are looking for. The attractive design, the reliable applications and the easy controls form the base for VANL’s growth.

Special thanks to Steven, Lotte, Kevin, Emma, Diego, Katrien, Mariet and Tine for inspiring me.

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